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HEMPPY® Organic Hemp Protein embodies a high protein content, which includes ALL essential amino acids.

  A seed of Cannabis Sativa L, hemp is a non-drug variety of cannabis. This remarkable “superfood” is an excellent protein source embodying essential amino acids. Technically a nut, hemp seeds are an optimum source for fatty acids including omega 3-6-9 and vital minerals. The two main proteins in hemp seed are Edestin and Albumin. These high-quality storage proteins are easily digested and contain nutritionally significant amounts of amino acids. A traditional oriental medicine, clinical trials have identified hemp seeds as a functional food and an important food resource. Reminiscent of a sunflower seed, raw hemp seeds are selected for the finest quality and then pressed at 43°C to separate the hemp oil from the solids to form a paste. Once the paste has dried into cake, it is stone ground to hemp powder. The hemp powder is sifted to reduce fiber content whilst preserving the high proportion of protein. HEMPPY® Organic Hemp protein embodies a high protein content, which includes essential amino acids.